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Do I have to complete received tasks?

Not necessarily, it is possible to reject received tasks. Select the corresponding task in the list of open tasks by a touch. The context menu of the task opens. Here the task can be rejected with the option "Send rejection". The task will be automatically moved to the list of completed tasks and the sender will see this task in the list of pending tasks as rejected.

How to proceed if the contact does not complete the task?

It is possible to send task reminders to contacts. This can be done by a touch on the relevant task in the list of unfinished tasks of this contact in order to open the context menu and select "Send Reminder". The contact will automatically receive a reminder message for this task.

Is it possible to create regularly recurring tasks with Task4U App?

Yes, the so-called recurring tasks can be created with an option of rotation 1x per day, 1x per week or 1x per month. For this purpose, the respective rotation is determined directly while creating the task.

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